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Booking Conditions

The owner/intermediary is not a travel agency and therefore cannot take any responsibility regarding flight schedules, cancellations and delays. Our prices do not include flights or travel- and cancellation insurance.

Bookings: Bookings for accommodations can be made by telephone or through email. The information form should be completed and returned to the owner/intermediary within three days after booking. Confirmation of your reservation by telephone is binding for the owner after the invoice has been sent.

Payment: The 50% down payment of the total amount should be transferred to the the owner/intermediary bank account within 3 days after booking. The remaining sum should be paid to the owner/intermediary no later than 4 weeks before arrival day. Should the booking be made within 4 weeks before arrival day, the owner/intermediary requires you to pay the total sum in full within 48 hours. The owner reserves the right to cancel any reservation in case a payment is overdue.

Cancellation: Every cancellation must be confirmed in writing. If we receive your notice of cancellation 12 weeks before arrival day you will be charged with 30% of the total cost plus € 25,- administration fee. 50% is payable in case a cancellation is made 12-8 weeks before arrival, and 100% for any cancellation made within 8 weeks. The cancellation is effective from the day the owner/intermediary receives a written confirmation. These cancellation conditions also apply in case of non-payment. In such an event, the down payment will be used for compensation. We advise you to purchase cancellation insurance for your booking.

Deposit: A deposit is required for every accommodation, which is payable upon a transfer to the bank before arrival. The full amount of this deposit will be returned (on your account) in case no damage is done to the accommodation, otherwise you will be charged with the costs incurred.The owner/intermediary cannot be held responsible for any possible damage. In case extra time is required to clean the accommodation after your stay, e.g. cleaning dishes or clearing rubbish, € 25,- per hour will be charged. Garbage must be thrown in the bins on the public road. In case you have neglected to do so, the manager can deduct up to € 150,- from your deposit.

Liability: The owner/intermediary: In case of unforeseen circumstances whereby the owner/intermediary is forced to cancel the reservation, the customer/client will be offered equivalent accommodation. If this is not possible or if the customer is unhappy with the offered accommodation, the owner will refund the amount that has already been paid without any further compensation. The owner/intermediary cannot be held liable for any damage to personal property or personal injury caused in the house. The intermediary is not responsible for modifications made to the properties by their owners without our knowledge, including renovations. All rented properties are for holiday purposes only. Professional photo shoots and parties or weddings and/or around the house are only allowed after explicit permission in a written contract by the owner.

Responsibility tenant: The tenant is liable for all damage done to the property during the entire stay. The number of guests staying at a rental property must not exceed the number that has been reported. Noise nuisance should be prevented at all times. Between the hours of 24.00 and 08.00 it is however prohibited to cause any noise nuisance. This can lead to eviction without any compensation. The amount up to € 500,- is demanded in case of loss of keys, for replacement of the lock. Pets are only permitted after explicit approval of the owner.

Arrival and departure: On the day of arrival you can access the accommodation at 16.00. On the day of departure you will have to leave the accommodation before 10.00. The accommodation needs to be cleaned by broom. Taking out the garbage and doing the washing-up is expected from the tenants. A failure to comply with these rules will result in a deduction from your deposit.

Complaints: All holiday accommodations that are selected by the owner meet our standards, bearing in mind the local for interior decoration. Should you feel something is wrong with the holiday accommodation, please contact one of our staff immediately. We do our utmost to solve the complaint quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. Should the customer leave the property before they have come to an agreement with the owner, they will lose the right to any compensation. Should you have any just complaints, report them locally to our co-workers. Within 14 days after the day of departure from the accomodation, you have to send a written complaint (mail or letter) to the owner/intermediary to confirm. Without a written confirmation, we cannot handle your complaint.

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